Precious metals: FairTrade & Recycled

We exclusively use Fairtrade Gold and Recycled Silver and Platinum in our jewellery. Here is why we do this…

Because of the monetary value of precious metals, throughout history all waste, whether metal scraps or dust used in jewellery manufacturing is carefully collected and smelted to be refined and reused.

We go further- ensuring the metals we work from are already ethical, whether Fairtrade Gold or Recycled Silver and Platinum. We therefore create a circular manufacturing loop with no waste; a closed loop production from design, through making to distribution.

FairTrade Gold

Accreditation from the FairTrade Organisation means we know every gram of gold used by Wright & Teague originates from artisanal mines where working conditions and standards are higher and where raw gold creates possibilities for miners and their communities through the Fairtrade Premium.

Recycled silver

In the last several years extraction of silver from used electronic devices, photographic processing and solar panels has increased enormously making it possible that all jewellery can be made exclusively from recycled silver and no further extraction from the earth or sea is necessary. Jewellery and silverware manufacturing use 25% of all silver used in a year.


The majority of newly mined Platinum is used in autocatalysts, with approximately 30% used to make jewellery.
Usually Platinum is a by-product of deep copper and nickel mining, 10,000 kilos of ore may produce only 30 grams of platinum, a capital, labour and environmentally expensive form of production. By using only Recycled Platinum we can lessen this invasive process.

While all metals were originally extracted from the earth, by only using those extracted by Fairtrade methods or are recycled we can reduce the need for large scale mining and ensure that these remain in circulation to be reused and re-loved over and over though time. A high percentage of all the precious materials ever mined are still in use.