Wright & Teague is based on the shared values of Gary Wright and Sheila Teague and these choices are applied to every aspect of our personal and business lives. We believe that owning less things but better, and caring for them over time is the most modern way to live.

The world is currently overwhelmed with stuff, we are interested in creating deeper engagement between jewellery and its wearer so that each object is precious because of its aesthetic and emotional value not only its status and newness. 

In our work the concept is the key driver, story telling rather than merely being about the material or the make. It sits at the intersection of art, fashion and craft with all of these in honour of the concept; the crafting is the way to make the concept manifest rather than an end in itself.

Our operational values include complete clarity and transparency within our supply chain, all Wright & Teague jewellery is created in our London studio.

We follow these principles not because we think it sounds good but because we love our world and are aware that metals and stones are mined from the earth, not always considerately, so we want to reduce our footprint as far as possible.

We work with Fairtrade gold as the premium paid for each gram of metal enables safe mining conditions to be created where chemicals and children are not used in the extraction processes. There is more than enough silver already mined, often as a byproduct of gold mining so we use only recycled silver. Also recycled platinum. We operate a green workshop with all waste captured and recycled. Our packaging is recyclable as well as beautiful and our marketing is virtual. 

We have applied these values for over 30 years and know that they are valued by our valuable clients.