Wright & Teague

Sentiment Rings

Sentiment Rings

15th February - 15th November

We are taking time to work on a new project. So with apologies our jewellery collection will not be available during this period, either online or from the studio.

Powerful words in Latin. Wear singly or as a set of 5, all the sentiments you need for a true life.

Benignitas (Charity) Fides ( Faith )

Amor (Love), Veritas (Truth)

Pax (Peace), Fortitudo (Courage)

Spes (Hope), Libertas (Liberty)

Vita (Life), Honestas (Honour)

Hand made in London. Width 3mm

Silver, set of 5, Size M


Silver, single , Size M


18ct yellow gold. set of 5


18ct yellow gold. single


18ct rose gold. set of 5


18ct rose gold. single